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Clinical Research on Stroke

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Workgroup Clinical Research on Stroke

Our Clinical Research Group investigates the real-life care of stroke patients. We aim to identify factors associated with good (or bad) prognosis of patients with ischemic stroke.

We have a special interest in:

  • the impact of cardiac markers (Troponin, heart rate, heart rate variability) on stroke outcome
  • the impact of biomarkers (e.g. Troponin, Cholesterol-levels) and of drugs (e.g. statins) on complications following thrombolysis in particular (e.g. intracranial bleeding) and on complications following stroke in general (e.g. clinically silent new DWI-lesions (silent stroke), clinically manifest recurrent stroke, pneumonia)
  • translation and validation of scores and instruments (e.g. standardized questionnaires)
  • process analysis of pre- and intrahospital delay (Berlin Acute Stroke Study)

Selected Publications