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Neurophysics Group

The Neurophysics Group was established in 1991 at the Department of Neurology, Campus Benjamin Franklin. The main agenda of our group is to combine neuroscientific questions and physics principles to gain deeper insight into neuronal processing.

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Main topics concern motor physiology and the somatosensory system, in particular. Group members discovered and studied in detail ultra-high frequency oscillations in the somatosensory system (400–1200 Hz) which provide a unique possibility to directly relate macroscopic non-invasive EEG recordings to single-unit spiking activity. To deepen the understanding of somatosensory processing, the group recently combined this experimental work with modeling of neuronal networks.

A complementary research agenda is advanced signal processing of ongoing and evoked neuronal activity where group members made theoretical and experimental contributions, e.g., to the generation of evoked responses.

The Neurophysics Group has a long-standing interest in Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and has developed new behavioral as well as computational methods.

Further research focuses on the development of hardware for EEG research, such as novel types of miniaturized electrodes and low-noise EEG amplifiers. Being integrated into the Department of Neurology, the Neurophysics Group also conducts electrophysiological studies of patients with stroke, epilepsy, and Parkinson's disease.



Prof. Dr. med. Gabriel Curio

Leader Senior Physican, Research Officer

Postal address:Hindenburgdamm 3012200 Berlin

CBF, Building VC, Main Building, Hospital Bed Building 2