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Blick über die rechte Schulter einer Patientin. Ihr gegenüber am Tisch sitzt ein Arzt in weißen Kittel, der ihren Blutdruck misst. Der rechte Arm der Patientin, mit Blutdruckmanschette um den Oberarm, liegt auf dem Tisch. Der Azrt hält ein Stethoskop an die Armbeuge der Patierntin.

Movement Disorders

On all three sites (CBF, CCM and CVK) we offer patients with movement disorders from the first diagnosis up through the advanced stages of disease. individual and specialized in-hospital treatment in hospital units that focus on movement disorders.  Each site has different diagnostic and therapeutic areas of emphasis.

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Movement Disorders

We treat the following diseases:

  • morbus Parkinson
  • atypical Parkinson syndrome (multi-system atrophy, PSP, CBD, DLB)
  • dystonias
  • tremor diseases
  • rare movement disorders (metabolism- and genetic-derived movement disorders).

We offer patients the following services:

  • diagnosis and differential diagnosis of movement disorders, specialized for rare diseases with movement disorders
  • valuable adjunctive diagnostics (e.g. MRT, PET, SPECT, Liquor diagnostics, skin tissue biopsy, tremor and movement analysis, ultrasonography, neuropsychology, genetic diagnosis, sleep laboratory.
  • therapeutic escalation for M. Parkinson with indication for deep brain stimulation (at Campus Charité-Mitte), duodopa pump and apomorphin pump systems
  • fine tuning of medication/Parkinson complex treatment
  • out-patient botulinum toxin therapy for dystonia and spasticity
  • highly intensive observation and treatment
  • a specialized, experienced team, competent in professional and human terms
  • regular lectures and ongoing education, patients included
  • good networking with medical practices and clinical care-givers and therapists in the surrounding region
  • participation in multi-center studies in the field of pharmacotherapy and deep brain stimulation.

Admission for in-patient treatment can be arranged by licensed neurologists with the help of our Patient Form.

A special Patient Form is available for visitors to our out-patient clinic.